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ITMC Lille Metropole 2013 International Conference

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The organizers of the 4th ITMC Lille Metropole 2013 Conference are pleased to invite you to participate to this year Conference and to enjoy presentations given by distinguished national and international speakers from the industry and research reporting on the newest innovations and developments. "Protective Textiles" is the featured theme of this year's Conference.

This year ITMC Lille Metropole 2013 Conference is structured in Scientific and Industrial days. The Scientific part of the Conference will take place on 9th and 10th of October 2013 in ENSAIT Roubaix, (www.ensait.fr) and the Industrial part on 11th of October in CETI, Tourcoing (www.ceti.com). The distance between these two venues is approximately 1 km and the metro line connects them.

The ITMC Lille Metropole 2013 Conference hopes to attract guests from various branches and disciplines related to the textile industry. This interdisciplinary approach is key in maximizing the potential and development of textile materials for various applications. The Conference aims to fully exploit this potential and be the catalyst for creating a beneficial synergy between manufacturers, suppliers and end customers from all sectors.

On behalf of the Conference organizers ENSAIT, Roubaix and ESITH Casablanca, we would like to invite all interested businesses, research institutions and organizations from around the globe to participate in a lively, scientific exchange of ideas and experiences featured at the ITMC Lille Metropole 2013 Conference.

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9-10 Oct

11 Oct